What kind of gravel rides are these?  Can I bring my road bike with bigger tires?

Is this a USA Cycling-sanctioned race?

Do you have any gear requirements?

Do you have on-site camping?

Hell no.  When people in Utah talk about “gravel,” what they really mean is “whatever happened to be in the ground when the road was cut through it.”  There’s a lot of sand, lots of rocks, some bedrock, lots of dirt that sometimes kinda feels like pavement, you get the picture. Our recommendation is always to stuff the biggest possible tire in your bike that you can and to run a mountain bike if you can’t go bigger than about 38mm.

The lovely folks at USAC provide the low-cost-high-value insurance that allows us to send a lot of people out into the desert without fear.  We aren’t a USAC-sanctioned race.  The thing in the registration page just allows you to skip entering all your information.

Other than requiring working lights for Stupid Pony competitors and helmets for all, you can ride absolutely whatever the hell you like.  See above for why bringing your road bike is a terrible idea.  You do have to start and end our events on the same bike with the same wheels and that bike can’t have a motor anywhere on it (unless it’s the near future and you’re in the ebike category).  Aerobars are great, bar ends are great, everything’s great.

For the Wild Horse, there is ample BLM land in every direction where basically all you need is a tent and some ground to put it on.

For the Salty Lizard 100 and the Stupid Pony, we offer camping at the airbase on Friday night in the lot east of the museum. Tents, RV’s, adventure vans, buses, what-have-you.

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